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PzDB File Types
We want PzDB to be able to handle all of the files you use for your CGI artwork.

The Best Poser Library Manager

PzDB wouldn't be PzDB if it wasn't the best Poser Library Manager there is. It's the ONLY Library Manager that is a database, the ONLY Library Manager that transcends folders and automatically Groups content across multiple Libraries, the ONLY Library Manager with a lightning fast Boolean search engine with saved searches. In short PzDB is the ONLY Library Manager you'll ever need.


3D Scene Files
New in 1.2.2:

In addition to Poser Library Content, PzDB can now index your scene files. Poser and DAZ Studio scene files, as well as Bryce, Lightwave, Modo, Hexagon, Cararra, Vue, 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D. If it's 3D its in PzDB.

3D Object Files
New in 1.2.2:

AutoCAD DXF, 3dStudio OBJ, Autodesk Filmbox Exchange FBX, Collada CAE, Lightwave LWO, Modo LXL, Vue VOB, and 3D Studio 3DS files are just some of the 3D object and mesh files that are sorted and grouped with your Library items.

 Bitmaps and Photoediting

Whether you make Texture maps, want to index texture source material, or need a good way to organize your renders, PzDB's new bitmap handling organizes your textures and renders just like the rest of your 3D content.


PzDB now helps you "snakeheads" too. Python and DAZ scripts are automatically indexed along with the rest of your Runtime Folders.

and if that's not enough...

Request Additional File Types
for The New PzDB
If there are additional file types you would like PzDB to be able to index, please fill out the following Request, being as specific as possible. We can't guarantee that we'll add them all (although so far, we have!) but we do promise to examine and respond to each request.

 Your E-Mail Address:   
For follow-up communication.

Type of 3D Content:
What kind of file is this? (Object, Material, Bitmap, Scene, Script, etc.) Please submit one entry for each type of content.

File Extension (s):
List all that apply (.CR2 and.CRZ, BR2,BR3,BR4 and BR5, etc)

 Program Name:
What app primarily uses this file type.

OLE Drag and Drop?
Can you drag a file of this type from Windows and drop it on to this program and have it open?

Launch w/ Windows?
Can you double click on a file of this type in Windows and have it open in this program? (by default)

 Automatic Thumbnails?
Poser makes a PNG file for every Library Item, Bryce saves a BMP file with every Bryce Scene. Does this program automatically make thumbnails for this file type?

Thumbnail Extension:
If Yes above, what kind of file is the thumbnail? (.PNG, .JPG, .BMP, etc.)



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